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Ascalons questpack; A Job Well Paid

MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 45
edited January 2018 in BG:EE Mods
Hello all, I am replaying this great game once more and I installed The Big World (sp). Anyway, I am in Beregost and run I across these three folks jabbering about a recent adventure they had just completed. Well, they are now arguing about the money they thought, they had split correctly. This is math, and while I may be smarter than your average bear, I have yet to develop any kind of 1+1=3 kind of understanding.

So I need some help with the quest and I cannot find any kind of resolution walkthrough for this particular quest. The gist of it is each of the three adventurer's took 1/3rd of the original payment for their completed adventure. This left 80gold in the bag. What was the original amount in the bag, prior to anyone taking anything out.? Let me know if this is CoNfUsInG. =)
Thanks all, I know someone out there has a passing fancy for mathematics.


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