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Kiel's Morning Star +3


Does anyone make use of Kiel's Morning Star +3 (from Durlag's Tower).

I'm just taking a party through the game, and having some fun with it. I have a Kensai skilled in this weapon category.

Previously, with the beserk aspect of it, I thought it wasn't worth the trouble. But, two things:

(1) The best Flail or Morning Star you can find otherwise is +1. This is +3. A big jump.

(2) If I'm not mistaken, when you go beserk you get an additional +2 THACO and +2 damage. Need to check this, but it seemed to be the case.

That's +4 damage and +4 THAO on the next best weapon in that category you can find.

My cleric has remove curse loaded, and I'm now just trying to work out how to use the flail tactically.

Early stages at the moment. Basically, I think when you loose control of him, when he kills someone, he then moves onto the next nearest opponent. This can be tricky because if you're attacking in close formation it often means he'll attack one of your own next. But, there are things you can do I suppose. e.g., take an invisibility potion, put him on the other side of a group of enemies, and let him attack them from the other side.

Either way, this might be great for attacking bosses.

Any thoughts?

Heck, thinking about it, if you have only one tank wield it, and the rest of your party uses ranged weapons, he can run into battle and cut people down and you don't have to worry about him turning on your own side - as they'll be at a distance. Then, I think, when the enemy are all cut down he comes out of beserk.



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,126
    it's a great weapon for soloing dwarven fighter/clerics i found, but other than that i never use it

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 10,365
    Problem is how do you do strategic stuff like move, heal, use potions, etc.
    JDow said:

    Heck, thinking about it, if you have only one tank wield it, and the rest of your party uses ranged weapons, he can run into battle and cut people down and you don't have to worry about him turning on your own side - as they'll be at a distance. Then, I think, when the enemy are all cut down he comes out of beserk.

    I don't think the berserk weapons wirk that way. Minsc's berserk ends when there are no enemies in sight, but other kinds will make you attack your allies.

    I need to get around to making all forms of berserking work the way Minsc's does...

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 3,802
    Sometimes I use Kiel's Morningstar and the cursed Two-Handed sword.

    Basically I approach invisible with the character who wields the weapon and let him/her start the fight.

    After that I start to provide cover with an archer, making sure that enemies wizards are under pressure (and firing an Arrow of Dispelling sometimes).

    When the fight finishes I send a priest under Sanctuary to cast Remove Curse or Exaltation.

    Usually it is a lot of work, but it is a nice approach when you're out of protective spells and want to be protected against disablers.

  • leeowensoasleeowensoas Member Posts: 72
    edited February 2018
    Kiel's Morning Star is probably my favorite weapon in BG1, even though it requires a little extra care/micromanagement at times. It's perfect for using the way you described, throw it on a sturdy tank and let everyone stand far away with arrows (imho this is the optimal party config for BG1 regardless) so they don't get bashed. And YES it does give you a +2 thaco and dmg WITH BOTH HANDS (not a bug, an effect of going berserk, as does the sword of Cursed Berserking) which is visible on your character record, just not the inventory [making it essentially a Morning Star+5 in every respect except speed factor and enchantment level]. It makes a great main or offhand due to that feature, and is the most damaging one-hander in the game with an average of 10 damage per strike (next best is 8 for the new EE bastard sword, or 7.5 for Varscona/Drizzt's swords, none of which are blunt), plus points in flail will serve you well in BG2 so the investment is worthwhile. In the EEs you can get the Thresher, a flail+2 at Sorcerous Sundries, but it's no comparison. Soloing it's a bit risky cause you have no way of drinking potions or casting spells while you're raging, but in a BG1 group it's a damn all star. Just to give you an idea, my lvl. 8 Half-Orc Berserker with 4 stars in flail can pop DUHM and Enrage, and then will beat Drizzt in a straight fight, no kiting, no running, just full on duel. Very few (if any) other warriors can beat Drizzt in an honorable duel, especially sans potions or party buffs. Plus if you import it into BG2 it shreds everything until you get FoA/DoE, and even has its uses after that. Wow, just realized how much I'm gushing right now, but it really is a great weapon that I don't hear enough about and seems criminally underrated to me (which I suppose is understandable as the downside is pretty terrible, especially if you're new to the game). I think if you use the new EE priest of Tyr's acclamation on a character wielding it, you lose the bonus +2/+2 but don't go berserk anymore, which still leaves it as the best one-hander in the game other than Drizzt's swords (which I feel like a skeevy dude using those anyway). Whew, rant over.

    P.S. for extra fun, try one of my favorite builds; a level 5 swashbuckler dualed over to a fighter. You can end up with 3 stars each in flail, scimitar, and two weapon style. This thing in the main with Defender in the offhand will end worlds ;)

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,126
    i've always wondered why the cursed two handed sword of berserking gave an arbitrary +2 to hit/ to damage, i was thinking that was a bug originally, but i guess that is actually intentional

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