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Old posts: Sewer Party and Quick Gold

Going through some older posts I came across more than one that I can give my answer with the play through that I was about to work on.

Now I will ask you what you do and show basically what I do.

One was how do you get quick gold in the beginning of bg2. One thing that surprised me a lot was that no one talked about reputation and cost as opposed to more gold plus charisma effect on costs. With a reputation of 20 and charisma of 20 everything is 55% off and it is soooooo easy.

Now my current run is a solo Avenger, no reload. All of my solo runs I want potions though, except Wizard Slayer unfortunately, this costs money. Not to mention all of the other goodies. I tend to follow a similar path for most of my characters.

Straight to the Slums after selling all my stuff.

Different characters may get a few things here, ring of energy for almost every non caster and even some of the casters. Rogues get potions of master thievery and I buy the one potion of invisibility no mater what. Scroll case and gem bag every time also.
Go through the cut scene and head to the bridge. I do the tanner here without going past the bottom of the first set of stairs, I come back later if I want the bow or if running a party to get the bone golem after level 15. No fighting is needed to do the quest, but I wait to get my reward. See the play, loot the playhouse and head to the temple district. It is important to note that at this point I will NEVER go from one area to another without being ready to win a fight, many times I need that sword and I always need the money from the loot.
The temple area I get the cloak and set the Unseeing Eye and Sir Sarles quest in motion. Head to the government district.
Initiate Ummar Hills and speak to Sir Pompous As.. ah Sarles. Sir Sarles.
Gate next for Trademeet quest then head to watchers keep for a potion case. Leave there headed for Trademeet.
I don't actually do any of that quest, just run through invisible to get Belm. This play through I killed the final 3 guys for the club before I left.
Usually when I get back to the city from there the Harpers/Birdy happens right after and I take care of that. So far I have only killed the 2 parties that jump me, the three amigos at the druid grove and cleared the house for the Harpers. I have 14,000 gold so I sell healing potions to get me the extra 300 I need to get my reputation from 10 to 18.
NOW I do the circus tent and finish the tanner murders for the last 2 reputation and enough money to buy the nymphs cloak from the thieves in the docks that with the ring gives me 20 charisma. 20/20 The magic number that get me 55% off.
Whew! Now I can start to play!



  • _Nightfall__Nightfall_ Member Posts: 190
    Grr! Shortened post again! Is there a limit to how big they are?

    Anyway, I will not be typing all that out again.

    Sewers crew.

    Elementals, dryads, dryads cast cause serious wounds, charname casts strength of one, summons smack Zorl while I cast insect plague, web, web, spider form....
    Dead sewer idiots.

  • _Nightfall__Nightfall_ Member Posts: 190
    Bridge district was easier still. No insect plague, no web and no spider form. Steal the cleric, cause serious wounds the wizard to pieces, elementals tank, dryads cast hold, Aviendha casts doom followed by chromatic orb, I win - Yay! - and have enough money to pay the thieves.

    Making it to level 13 in the process.

  • _Nightfall__Nightfall_ Member Posts: 190
    What do y'all do in the sewer and to get money early?

    Druids are great for solo through almost every area and time in the game. Not Mel so much, ☹
    Staff of Air stinking cloud ability with chaotic commands enhanced elementals. Death in their sleep.
    Simmy uses ring for improved invisibility, harm then takes a whack at almost anything while Charname is casting firestorm from a distance. Surprise, You are dead. Heck, for a lot of enemies just Charname doing the harm with ring of energy or necklace of whatever that you get in Trademeet does the same thing.
    BIG summons while you fight from the rear is good in late game.

    Anyone have fun tactics for money and early battles?

  • James_MJames_M Member Posts: 126
    edited February 2018
    For some early, fairly easy gold:
    Sell spell scrolls, ammo and potions (after accumulating, or sell to multiple merchants to avoid the dilution in values)
    Trademeet: do the main two quests to net 32k in gold, gems and loot, without too much fighting
    Docks, Shadow Thief Guildhall and Mae'Var's Guildhall: loot for 8k gp in gold, gems and loot without fighting
    (Best loot is: Mae'Var's Guildhall, 2nd level: de-trap and unlock the last door and the 3rd to last door for a Rogue Stone and Sword Short +2)
    Slums: enter the Slaver Compound via the long staircase: 5k gp in gold and loot for only fighting nine easy enemies
    Graveyard east building and central building: loot a Staff of Curing and Battle Axe +2 (worth 1650 gp)
    Bridge, Five Flagons, upstairs: first chest on the right can have a Laeral's Tear necklace or a high level spell scroll, or both!
    Copper Coronet back rooms quest: gold and loot worth 1300 gp (and the Tuigan Bow as well)
    Docks District, hidden door in the Sea Bounty tavern: loot the pool for three Pearls and 1k in gold
    Temple of Talos: loot a Wand of the Heavens and several potions to sell
    De'Arnise Hold: the quest from Nalia will net 14k gp, plus loot to sell (a lot of fighting; a lot of xp's as well, though)

    Have fun!

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