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Re-building NPC from scratch

Did anyone try it? I would like to see other's experiences, if it's worthy and fun or looks too much rigged.

I'm not talking about making Viconia a Shar Priest, instead of Vanilla Priest. But rather making her a Bountyhunter or a Sorcerer.

Why? I wanted to play with two PCs, but I don't wanna lose a slot with a character that doesn't have dialogues, banters, but instead a flat personality. I'm playing with an Archer and wanted to also have (and not wait forever for a second playtrough after BG1, BG2, ToB, Pillars of Eternity 2, Divinity 2, etc...) an Assasin/Kensai made with EEKepper of course. So I was wondering how much fun would be making it any BG1 NPC the class I want. Jahiera wouldn't make sense as my Assasin/Kensai, but Viconia, Dorn, etc... might do.

Anyone tried this before?


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