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Rest Until Healed Mechanics: Questions Unanswered

I'm playing Core Rules for the challenge, and the 'rest until healed' mechanics seem broken. Usually, I turn it off and sleep for 8 hours maximum - or not at all inside of dungeons, because who would?? -, but at inns, the feature is nice. However, I still pay up for only one night, no matter how long it takes, which is a bug(?).

Question: assuming Rest Until Healed repeats the "8 hours sleep" cycle as many times as necessary to fully heal your party of adventures while at the same time re-memorizing / casting healing spells of your clerics/druids, assuming you're ambushed in-between these resting cycles, do your spellcasting characters have their spells memorized from the first "8 hours cycle" -or- do they only get their spells back when the whole Rest Until Healed mechanic is finished?

PS: I finally figured out what the red button does (area loot), and it made my life SO MUCH better. This is the first time I'm playing Core Rules. It feels great. Also, if you haven't already: TURN OFF Sprite Outlines / Highlights (it should be off by default, IMHO, as it's the most AWFUL "feature" ever made in the history of video games), TURN ON colored selection circles, and set the MARKER FEEDBACK to MAXIMUM. There you go! Never again miss out on any loot or strain your eyes to make out NPC characters ever again.


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