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BG1 character/save lost, need help

Milosz006Milosz006 Member Posts: 9
the laptop my BG1EE save was on is currently not booting so I'm looking to remake my character using EEkeeper. I have a screenshot of my character at the end of BG1+TOSC:

1. I need to know what items I likely had, I know I had the best items possible (assuming none are contradictory, like 2 possible rewards from the same quest). My Swashbuckler was Chaotic Evil and is going to dual-class to mage down the line. He had the best 2h weapons (and you can bet #3-5 too), the best thief gear, etc.

2. I also had the golden pantaloons, are there other things from BG1 that carry over?

3. Does the game let you carry over gear for other characters? My party included Dorn, Baeloth, Viconia, Edwin and Kagain, who all also had the best duds.

Thanks for any help!


  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 400
    Generally speaking *all* of your gear carriers over to SoD.

    The way its parsed out is that if you had party members who don't appear in SoD most of their gear ends up in a collective chest that you get access to after the prologue area. Characters that *do* appear in SoD as playable NPCs will retain their gear for when you meet them later. So, in short, that's going to be a lot of item adding.

    I'm not really sure how the game handles fresh plays of SoD, but I assume it shouldn't be impossible to do, and most of your old BG1 gear ends up being equivalent at best to many of the items you find in SoD, so losing even nice items isn't that big of a deal.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,888
    edited February 2018
    if you played this game on steam you might have a steam cloud back up of your file

    next, the team mates that you had if they had all the best gear as well then Dorn, Baeloth, Viconia and Edwin will keep that gear once you run into them in SoD, kagain on the other hand, he will not keep his gear, and as Gallenger said it will appear in a chest inside the Ducal Palace once you hit that place up ( after the first SoD dungeon )

    now with that being said, there are some options if finding/using your previous save is not possible:

    #1 - restart and do it all over again, which may sound like a colossal pain in the behind, but my suggestion is that you crank the CON a little higher so then your character can use the claw of kazgaroth with no ill effects ( except for the save vs death penalty ) this item will also import over to BG2 so it's a great item for swashbucklers, i also notice that your CON is 17 ( assuming that you will make it go down by 1 permanently in the dream sequence in bg2? ) if so, put it up to 19 so then you can still use the claw and have a CON drop 8)

    #2 - if you don't want to make a new game you will have to use cheats/ee keeper to go through all the chapters with all the characters and give them all the gear, so then you have proper script sequences going on ( for your bhaalspawn powers and ingame transitions and so forth ) because using cheats/ee keeper the wrong way and things can get a little nutty

    #3 - if you ask super nicely :wink: i can do it all for you out of 2 ways:

    way number 1: i can LEGITIMATELY go through the entire game without cheats, collect all the goodies, level up all yer guys go through the whole game, and get you up to the final encounter with Sarevok, so then you can continue on your way with no muss or fuss ( this will probably take me around 16-20 hours to do, so with real life getting in the way perhaps 2-3 days )


    way number 2: i can use the cheats/ee keeper to build the guys the way you want and all that jazz, but it will be strictly the way you tell me to build them, with no extra items or what not ( if i do it way number 1, you will have much more gold and items at your disposal for SoD )

    so the choice is yours :)
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,144
    Another option would be to create the character anew and to use a mod by @Abel - - so that you could simulate going through BG1.
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