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Shiny water?

The shiny water looks really bad with this version.



  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 937
    Is this what you mean?
  • SherincallSherincall Member Posts: 387
    Proleric said:

    Is this what you mean?

    The big issue with the new water, as seen in those screenshots, is that it depends on the wind. The more wind in the area, the larger/faster the waves.

    Here are a few comparisons of the same area: No wind, Medium wind, Full wind

    The problem is that wind didn't really do anything before, so builders always built their areas with no wind. You can modify the wind (client side) with a "setglobalwind x y z" command. Try "setglobalwind 2 2 0".

    Another problem is that water is always blue, so if you're using sewer water, it won't look greenish.

    Here is an override (put in override/ as "fswater.shd") that uses texture colors and has larger default waves:

    Same area as above, with no wind, but with this override:

    I'm curious if that still looks bad?
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