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Play button is grayed out when attempting to load personal module

When I attempt to play a module I was planning to release soon, the Play button is grayed out for all of my Player Characters. This module was compiled using the NWNTX loader, which may use a different compiler. This might be out of bound for discussion here, but I was hoping to test my modulebefore release on NWN vanilla and EE to be sure everything is compatible...


  • QlippothQlippoth Member Posts: 8
    Just for future reference, yes, my module was being compiled with NWNTX, which caused this issue. I took my source code and recompiled it in the vanilla compiler and it's all good. So, really just an FYI to those using the NWNTX toolset addon.

  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    edited February 2018
    I use NWNTX still and have worked with NWN EE without problem. I don't see how scripting that would cause the play button to be grayed out. Are you using NWNX from 1.69? Did you make sure to re-save the module in EE toolset so it was set to the latest version?
    If you want me to look at the module, I will. If it functioning the way you want with/without your wanted code then it all good.

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  • QlippothQlippoth Member Posts: 8
    I'm trying to avoid a community split by releasing EE required code to the rest of the community by only creating content in 1.69. I'm using NWNTX, though perhaps there is a newer version? I'm simply reporting my observation. Compile with NWNTX caused a weird issue, while compiling without all was well with the world. *Shrug* I don't see an update, but perhaps I should do a clean install of 1.69.

  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    I been doing the same thing, I been commenting on EE scripts/functions and keeping it commented out until they update EE compiler then I be able to move over. Well the latest version is 1.0.5 TX.

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