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Pocket Plane tests-why everything feels so evil?

Obvious spoilers for ToB.

Okay I never paid attention to pocket plane tests back in the original bg2. I always played the good hero, and hence I think I got the good results.
Now, however, in my current run, I am chaotic good aligned (checked, did not fail in hell trials of SoA unknowingly) but pocket plane tests and changes are...creeping me out.

In the first test everything worked okay, the final spawn was Irenicus&Bodhi&Big S so I think the game still thought me as 'good' because I vaguely remember evil players are challenged by a clone of Ellesime and paladins and such.

However, second test felt..different. I remember from bg2, my alternate self had a coal black platemail and looked eeevil. Now he looked in whitish platemail. I thought this was changed in ee, however it looked cooler with dark black. When I killed my alternate self, the room changed into a hellish pit with lava pool. However I remember it used to change into an oasis, in bg2. I think game put a 'good' alternate me (hence, in white plate) and the resulting room was the hellish pit that evil players get.

In the third test, I used to be challenged by my innocence, and I really loved that challenge, however to my surprise this time my doubt was talking and wished me to reclaim it. Again I think this is wrong, evil players should face their doubt, but good players should face their innocence? And the resulting room looked freaky with body parts stucked in walls etc.

What determines which test and the result the player gets? Reputation? Alignment? Something else? I may have talked a bit like a jerk to Solar, but I meant well. I was rping a little more hardcore, edgy chaotic good emphasised on chaotic but I was still good. Why this change? At this rate, I think, in the end, if I choose to become a god, I will get the 'evil god' cinematic ending, right? Not that I ever choose that for my pcs, I am just curious. Why this? Why don't I get good tests and results, because I acted a bit edgy to Solar?



  • DivinaDivina Member Posts: 26
    Apologies in advance for performing some advanced necromancy on this thread, but I think the forum is sorely lacking some guidance on the Solar trials and what the possible outcomes are. Sometimes it is very vague to pick out the "good" answers from the "evil" ones. I did find a Clua command online to track the PCs corruption (as measured by the Solar, presumably) but it would be lovely if any of the really seasoned players would provide a sort of key in a spoiler for people like me who are kind control freaks (lol) and like to make sure they are on the right track with the challenges. It can be quite a bummer if you have been RP-ing a good-aligned character for the entire saga including SoD and those pesky tests lead you to the wrong ending.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,736
    to be honest i think the trials in the pocket plane are actually based on your reputation than say your alignment

    i remember poking around in the .bcs file a while back looking at all the craziness that goes on that plane, and i saw that reputation was a big factor on what happened in your trials

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,729
    Well, your answers when the Solar asks questions DO impact the trials. While most of them are pretty straightforward and obvious, the one where you fight your doppleganger is kinda counter-intuitive. I forget the exact lines, but two almost identical responses will give opposite outcomes.

  • DivinaDivina Member Posts: 26
    Thanks both. My experience so far tells me that it is the answers you give to the solar that affect the outcomes and yes, while some of them are straightforward indeed, some are really vague. It really is a pitty there isn't a proper walkthrough about on this matter, but in the event anyone else is having trouble and wants to make certain through Clua I've found via another site that the variable that tracks your corruption is PPEvilChoices and PPGoodChoices via the usual Get Global command. PPEvilChoices will come up empty if you have not made any wrong choices. I am at my third trial and get a value of 3 on GoodChoices so I believe I am on the right track. Hopefully this helps other OCD brethren track their choices :P

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,400
    edited March 2018
    With the Ascension mod, (or was it Unfinished Business?) Restored Bhaalspawn powers, I noticed the answers you give to Solar in her pep talks do affect the extra Bhaal powers you get. If you are kind and sweet, you get the good power, or vice versa.

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