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Legacy of Bhaal: Fresh Start (Lv.1 Custom Party) {SPOILER WARNING}

IcecreamtubIcecreamtub Member Posts: 547
Yello' everyone! How are y'all today? Just coming in to ask some LoB questions! <3

So after some research, I've read that you're not supposed to do a Lv.1 party through LoB, though I'm having a fairly frustration-free play-through so far. (20k Exp, no Mods, unless you count enabling LoB XP boost in .ini)

Current Party for reference: Skald, F/M/C, Ranger (Dualing at 12 to Cleric), Assassin Dualed to Mage, Shaman & Avenger. Everyone is using Ranged Weapons, nobody can take any hits right now.

My question today, however, is how do I progress through certain fights where a Shamanic Dance cannot be useful to tank enemies because I'm lacking a Summon Monster Wand/Spell? (certain things in LoB have very different aggro-patterns, as I'm finding out playing it. Mages being the craziest offenders with their sonic speed kiting when spells run out and/or begin to be on low HP, where they alternate crazy glitchy-looking perfect kiting & perfect MM spell casts) or creatures are nigh-immune to anything that isn't Command: Sleep? (Anhkeg Farm)

Since Command: Sleep isn't as much of a powerhouse as it used to be in the earlier days, especially if you cast it too quickly it sort of fizzles the sleep effect. I'm curious what fights I need to really level up for class goodies and which items I will definitely need for X enemy(ies)?

It seems my biggest concerns are creatures that are exempt from spells where they obviously might be assumed to be, where on any difficult not LoB related you'd probably use the same tactic to sweep targets.

Also, I won't be abusing backstabs if I can help it and I won't be taking advantage of traps - I only ran Assassin as I needed a thief and for the poison weapon for early Mages, capping their Lock/Disarm at 75/75 (Rings give 25% in BG2, potions can do the rest if I decide pure-mage is getting better spells)

Some advice on future planning as soon as I get to BG2 is also highly appreciated, I'm doing a full play-through.

I may or may not abuse Skald pickpocketing here and there, though. (I want that Genie bottle, gert dammmnit!)

For anything that can be hit by Hold Person/Animal, I'm just taking advantage of Doom and later Great Malison is the game plan.

I'm also Streaming as much of the game play as I can, just archive the fact I haven't cheated at all. (Unless you count an Elf Skald as cheating)

Thanks for any help, see you in the Realms, Future Friends!



  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 711
    edited March 2018
    Use the spell "blind" to stop enemies in their tracks. If blind isn't working then use "Doom" before you cast "Blind" Also, the area where the wizard is experimenting on green slime has a cave near by with a free wand of summoning. You will need to lure the enemies in the cave out first though.

    Personally, I play with a level 1 character in LOB mode and I don't use the XP boost. It's supposed to be hard. According to the beta testers, the XP boost caused the party to become too OP by the end of the game. HOF mode in Icewind Dale was supposed to be played on a second run through with an imported party but LOB mode in Baldur's Gate is meant to be played with a fresh character. That's what I was told and how I have played it.

    It's very hard at first but it's worth it because it's very rewarding and forces you to play differently. I have a hard time playing insane now because it feels too easy. Enemies die too fast and they don't have enough time to use their abilities against you. With LOB it's a good challenge the entire game. Even though LOB is hard, without SCS the AI still feels dull to me. I would recommend SCS on insane mode with a level 1 character instead of playing it the way you are. LOB mode can't be turned off and if you get stuck you will have to start over. This is just a suggestion though, whatever is more fun for you should take precedence just remember you will hit the XP cap fast and if you remove the cap you will be on story mode pretty much because nothing will be able to challenge you. Another option you could look at is the ability to turn off double damage but leave the XP gain alone. That might help curb the difficulty a little without making your characters max out before you hit Baldur's gate. If you are a seasoned veteran looking for the best challenge then you should play on LOB mode with SCS on a fresh level 1 character without any XP boost and difficulty based enemy double damage enabled.

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