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Fans of Dungeon's and Dragons in Baldur's Gate

I'm an old AD&D player from the early 80's, say '79-83. I've always enjoyed it even after I 'grew up' and exchanged my dice and TSR Manuals for beer and hotties. But I digress.

Who here is a fan of the same? The reason I ask is that I've always tried to tailor my BG universe to the rules I played under back then. After all, Forgotten Realms is on the same planet as the World of Greyhawk was, i.e. Oerth.

Level 1 NPCs assisted me greatly in ensuring my classes/kits somewhat mirrored those in the original Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide.

What are some of the better mods that attempt or assist you in getting there using Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition?

I see some that address AD&D 3.5 (which I'm not familiar with). What else?

Would love to hear your ideas and input. CT



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