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Claw of Kazgaroth (MISC72.ITM) save penalty inconsistent; CON penalty not applied

IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Current behaviour: The Claw of Kazgaroth's (MISC72.ITM) penalty to save vs. death is inconsistent. Its item description states it confers a -4 penalty, while in actuality the penalty is -3 (as can be seen from the character sheet and in the ITM file). This issue applies to BG1, BG2, and BGEE. Furthermore, in BGEE (and only BGEE) the Claw's CON penalty is not applied when equipped.

Expected behaviour: The Claw of Kazgaroth's save vs. death penalty should be consistent with its item description, or vice versa. The item's CON penalty should be applied.

Games affected: BGEE, BG1/BG2 (partially).

Notes: I think there may be something wrong with BGEE's Opcode #10 (CON Modifier), because exporting BGEE's MISC72 resource into BG2 results in successful application of the CON penalty. Upon further investigation, by modifying a copy of MISC72 I've discovered that BGEE will apply the CON modifier effect when the increment value is positive, but not when negative. I also encountered this phenomenon when trying to use Opcode #6 (Charisma Modifier) to apply a penalty in order to test the CHA net negative wrapping fix.

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