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Request - Please extend the size of the IDENTIFIER LIST

Hands up: who has never run into the IDENTIFIER LIST full problem?
Well, I do frequently and it's a pain in the a... buttocks to get around it.

So please, Beamdog, could you please extend the maximum size of that IDENTIFIER LIST?
At least 10 ten times... better make it 100 times. or best: make it dynamic (unlimited list).

I get the feeling that it is currently limited to 10.000 items or so. I know 10.000 might have seemed like enormous 20 years ago, but today, in times when the whole game fits into the RAM of a low-price smartphone... well, it isn't.
And a lot of things could be accomplished if the IDENTIFIER LIST wasn't so limited. E.g. automatically generated item constant lists derived from areas, tkls or plcs, include everything everywhere without worrying, and so forth.

I'd even be willing to donate for this feature. Who do I have to bribe? ;)

(I've read this in other posts, but I haven't read this it is fixed already. If I have missed something, please forgive me.)



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