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EE Keeper - miscreated character / no romance - any possible fixes?

boo12345aboo12345a Member Posts: 1
So I made a dwarf kensai to dual into a mage, but I didn't look at the romance requirements for Aerie. I know, this is completely my fault.

I did eventually use EE Keeper to fix a lot of stuff like weapon specifications, and I even used the CLUA and added the Romance global variables, but no go. I tried resting and setting ActualRealTime, etc - but I think the actual issue is when I recruited her I was still a dwarf so that information stays in the system just like a wrong dialogue option.

I guess since I'm about 20 hours into Chapter 2 in I'll be content to keep playing vs restarting, but anyone got an idea on how to fix this? It would be really nice as my original SoA/ToB playthrough 10 years ago I used all the correct dialogue options and I didn't get Aerie either actually.

I also went to a save where I switched my character to human before meeting her, and all the correct global variables seemed to show up.

Any way I can "reset" Aerie" to replicate this? or perhaps a mod you can recommend that doesn't change anything else (I know of the Tweaks mod) I also downloaded NearInfinity and looked to make file changes there.

Thanks in advance!

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