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How are you calculating ping in the sever browser?

Seems kind of odd that the server browser is showing pings for all servers for me ranging from 400 ms up to 9999 ms. Yet if I directly ping one of those IP addresses I get ping times around 30 ms.

Are there any plans to make this more accurate?


  • narcissuslairnarcissuslair Member Posts: 12
    I agree. They are higher than they should be. 60ms ping from me to server. 400-800ms on beamdog.

  • FlorblorbFlorblorb Member Posts: 1
    Have the same, a server on my own LAN, which has a ping of 7 through the LAN view, has 140-150 in the server browser. Whilst others, with a ping of 20 in the server browser, actually has a ping of 150-200 for me when I ping the address manually.

    Another thing I noticed, me and a friend, living in separate countries, get the exact same ping to different servers.

    It appears the ping in the server browser is between the master server and the game server?

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