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(solved) Toolset Freeze Issue

AnatoliAnatoli Member Posts: 4
edited April 2018 in Technical Support
So I know there's already at least 2 topics of this issue but since the messages there were from february I think I'd make another one.

So my question is; has anyone yet found a workaround on this tileset freezing issue? It happens to me every time I create a door, go to properties and make an area transitioning from that door to another. As soon as I'm done, I press ok and when I close the door properties window - toolset freezes before I even get a chance to save.

Someone said that disabling "Use environment mapping on creatures and items" might do the trick but it hasn't worked for me.

I'm dying to get to creating modules of my own again! Please respond. Thanks!

-Anatoli "Desperate-To-Build" Varis

EDIT: Turns out this was an issue of not having proper GPU drivers on my system.

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