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Enemy AC on Android

This is the first post I have done for this forum and there is one concern I have for the Baldur's Gate EE series but particularly BG 2. When fighting in the game there seems to be no way in finding out the AC of the enemies you are fighting against (I am using the Android version). I have read that on PC this can be found out by Ctrl+Q but no option in Android version.

I think this is quite important so you know how difficult a fight is going to be, such as, say a character has a THAC0 of 18 and the enemy has an AC of 2 meaning to successfully hit it I have to roll 16 or more on a d20 die. This would be a hard fight with plenty of misses. In the Android version there is no way in knowing this or is there?

In a real AD & D game a game master would give all this information.

I also know there is an option to show all dice rolls on the PC which would also come in handy for the Android version.

Personally I think that the above two important options not being in the Android version makes me wonder in why make an Android version in the first place. I have bought BG and BG 2 for Android so carry on playing them but the above two options, especially the first one would be nice if added in an update.


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