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Anyone else feel bad fighting the crusaders?



  • Yulaw9460Yulaw9460 Member Posts: 634
    edited November 2018

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  • StaranStaran Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 187
    The sheer amount of killing anyone does in these games is shocking.
    Pure genocide.
    And not like Capet bombing from a distance gencide. We are talking about axing a civilization to death genocide.

    But it is just a game.

  • KuselKusel Member Posts: 50
    Staran said:

    The sheer amount of killing anyone does in these games is shocking.
    Pure genocide.
    And not like Capet bombing from a distance gencide. We are talking about axing a civilization to death genocide.

    But it is just a game.

    There's also examples in the game where a clever peaceful solution gets you the same amount of XP as the bloddshed. Just played the extended thief stronghold mod in SoA and convinced the officer of the garrison in the docks of a peaceful arrangement where I control my thieves and we don't kill each other (a hundred men on each side). Got all the XP and REP I could ask for and even my paladin NPC is happy.

  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 574
    Pickpocket is surprisingly useful if you want to avoid senseless bloodshed. There are a lot of quests where you're sent to retrieve items from people who are unwilling to part with them.

  • pvddrpvddr Member Posts: 29
    For me, the problem isn't killing the Crusaders, it's helping everyone else. I spent a whole game doing everything I could to help those people and they accuse me at every turn, I just want to say "screw you" and let the whole thing burn. It was disappointing to me when I found out I couldn't, and even options that seemed like they would lead in this direction wouldn't accomplish this

  • alceryesalceryes Member Posts: 362
    1) Did it say anything that may be construed as a slight or insult? Kill!
    2) Did it look at me funny? Kill!
    3) Does destroying it give me more experience towards my ultimate goal of world domination? Kill!
    4) Does it possibly have some goodies I may find useful or can sell for a nice bit of gold? Kill!
    5) Listen thoughtfully to its concerns. Heed its advice. Obey its commands... Naw! Roll d4!
    6) Ooooo, squirrel! Roll again!

    The guiding d6 of Alceryes - Chaotic Neutral, Gnome, Fighter/Illusionist/Thief extraordinaire!

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,772
    MERLANCE said:

    Ardanis said:

    Killing the thieving "refugee" invaders who stole my money and had the audacity to talk back some nonsense like "we did the right thing" also felt incredibly satisfying. I kinda wished the quest was extended so that I could find those poor starving sods and shake my money out of their sorry hides...

    I just want to know how they spent my 300,000gp on emergency supplies in the span of an hour.
    Courtesans, and they tipped well.

  • prairiechickenprairiechicken Member Posts: 147
    edited April 2018
    I felt bad when my holy smite is useless

  • NecromancerNecromancer Member Posts: 1
    Well, the thing is you don't know her motives, all you know comes from the Dukes and the reports on the chaos that Caelar's Crusade is causing along the north. That is all that you know, not to mention the fact that both sides are using propaganda, she says that they will save those that died while the dukes say that she is causing damage to the lands, disrupting trade, etc. And after you learn of her intentions, I'll say that you should probably forgive for reasons discovered later in the story for those who haven't finished the game. I think the wrong was on Caelar, just a war that people have to die on both sides. But hey, at least Bhaal would be proud, you don't even have to try to start a war. LOL! Embrace your destiny my brothers of murder.

  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,207
    I never forgive anything. I merely tolerate. some people are intolerable tho and caelar is cerainly one of them.

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