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Create Random Generated Monster Via Script

I don't believe we can 'create' from nothing, but could we copy a CR1 creature into the game and 'upgrade' it to a CR5? I'm not seeing anything in the lexicon that would allow me to level up a monster that way, but if that's basically what I wanted to do, how would I go about doing that?


  • BuddywarriorBuddywarrior Member Posts: 14
    I think I can spawn in a CR1 creature, get the average level of players in the party and increase Strength, HP and Damage as needed with some variations.

    It takes the fun out of playing the game if I know exactly what's coming at me, hence why I want to randomize it a bit.

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 558
    The LevelUpHenchman function levels up any creature.

    As the Lexicon explains, you have to start from a default package, and do no package tweaks of any kind other than via this function. I find the easiest way is to create a level 1 template with the desired appearance for the class in question using the Creature Wizard.

    You can freely modify stats and other attributes that aren't specified in the package, such as monster abilities or creature inventory.

  • antirelicantirelic Member Posts: 20
    Yes. You can do this. I've done this with dynamic human models. Really just need to level it up, add feats, etc.. Then setting some spawn in flags to get the right behaviors. I'm guessing nwnxee will yield best results.

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