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Nice Beginner's Tip.

Something weird happened to me recently. Even though I've played Ps:T many of times, 3-4x. I just often learned why I never had any money in the game! You must pickpocket EVERYTHING, once you have Annah.

The problem is, I loved getting SO rich on Baldur's Gate I and II, but mostly just on good alignment in BG:II.

Well, I made so much money pickpocketing in this game. The problem is, it wasn't very good in BG:I&II like I think it is in Ps:T. I also like that some shops you can steal from and others you can't.

I rarely remember stealing much of value from Bg:II.

So, that's my beginner's tip. Pickpocketing was lame in BG, but is actually fun in Ps:T. Agree?



  • SuperFunHappySuperFunHappy Member Posts: 40
    Sometimes you can get pickpocketed by other characters, NPC's to be specific. You will only be able to detect it happening and catch them if you have a certain amount of wisdom or something. That is probably one reason why you can't get rich.

    Also if you sell a certain amount of an item one by one the price value goes down the more you sell so you have to sell in bulk at the same time to avoid the price drop. This happens in the vanilla but I'm not sure if it happens in EE.

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