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Constitution and dual classing

klezkiklezki Member Posts: 2
I have a lvl 9 kensai with 19 con, so i already got all d10 hit dices and con bonuses. I dual him to mage so i need to reach lvl 10 to start gaining xp as a mage. On lvl 10 i should gain 4 hp from hit dice (max hp per lvl on) and 2 from constitution, but i only get 4. So it seems like 2 hp bonus from con is missing.

I have tested this on fighter(9) > thief(10) and still i got only 6 hp, no bonus. If i dual him at lvl 8 i get 2 hp con bonus on 9 and 10 lvl as a thief, so all the bonuses are in place.

I know this is just 2 hp but i just cant see the reason why they are missing. Could this be a bug?
The game is BG2 EE


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