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Map scrolling doesn't work

Recently map scrolling by moving the cursor to the side of the screen fails to work. Most of the time it is the bottom edge where it doesn't work (no down arrow appears), sometimes also the right side, sometimes all sides fail.

Quitting the game and reloading helps, for a while.

BG:EE GoG version

I can still move the map with the middle button, but it is very irritating.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,726
    Hi @lotti, I am assuming this is on a Windows platform...

    It sounds like BG is in Windows mode. Try hitting ALT-Enter (tap on ALT and hold, then hit Enter) and see what happens. Expected results are that it will take you into Full Screen mode.

    If it goes the other way and drops you into Windowed mode, then hit ALT-Enter again to go back into Full Screen and try moving aound with the cursor.

    Let us know what happens...


  • LottiLotti Member Posts: 66
    edited May 2018
    Thank you. Windows (10) indeed. Two monitors, might be relevant.

    There were indeed some issues with windowed mode shortly before this started to happen. I had just discovered the scaling UI before, switched it on and off a few times, and then suddenly I found myself in a small windowed mode. Restarting the game fixed that (guess I could have used alt-enter there), and after that the edge scrolling started to fail intermittently but not consistently.

    But alt-enter throws me into a much smaller GoG window, so that was not exactly what was going on.

    It hasn't happened again since my original post, while I have played a bit further, so I hope it was a glitch. No point in trying to understand everything that happens on your computer.

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