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Icewind Dale EE - Stuck at Luremaster Trials 5Gem Portal

Semi Spoilers for Luremaster's Trials below

At AR:9800 and I have all 5 Flawless gems needed for the portal. I have triple checked they are in the correct order and verified from video playthrough that my save is bugged. I am trying to avoid going back 20-30 in-game days worth of time to fix this and hope to fix this via console.

My problem is that I put 3 or so of the gems in the right spot according to the clue and before putting the 5th one in I rested which I think has done something to the game's trigger/condition system. 3 of the 5 gem spots show the 'flash' animation over and over as if I've put the gem in for the first time. No matter how much I take the gems and re-insert them the portal does not open and the quest does not complete.

Any help?


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