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Unable to interact with Jan Jansen

NimmsiNimmsi Member Posts: 3
When I met jan Jansen first, I decided to say I am not interested or I have no time. I don't remember. Anyway I moved on and did almost any Quest I could in Chapter 2 and decided now to recruit him for his mini quest.

The problem is, he stands now in Government district and I can't interact with him at all when I click on him. The dialogue doesn't even start.

It would be nice if the support would look into my attached savegame. Is there any way to fix this? Maybe with console?


  • NimmsiNimmsi Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2018

    When I type:


    In console, I get a new Jan with the initial dialogue, is there a console command to remove the "old" Jan? I don't need 2 Jans


    Another option was when I used CTRL+Q to make him join and after I did that I typed C:CreateCreature("beeloo"), which would let me do his quest, but I'd miss the initial encounter with Trax.

    So feedback would be appreciated, before I decide what to is best.

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,739
    edited May 2018
    Using C:SetGlobal("TalkedToJan","LOCALS",1) would get him talking again. As it is a local variable, you will need to hold the cursor over him when you press Enter for the value to be set.

    I thought this had been reported on Redmine but cannot see it. Would you be able to report it please.
    (" BGII:EE wiki link":

    Edit, although I am not able to reproduce the issue from a new game - there should be a journal entry, missing in your save. Jan should return to his home. Do you have any mods installed, or are you running an older version of the game.


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  • NimmsiNimmsi Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2018
    I am not using any mods and I am using the latest Steam version.

    C:SetGlobal("TalkedToJan","LOCALS",1) worked and he talks again !

    Indeed I'll report this later

    Thank you very much, you really helped me to fix my issue, since I couldn't find the console command you mentioned in the forums. I will also post this solution in the Steam forums. I appreciate your help and time.

    I don't know why he didn't go home, but I'm happy anyway i can interact with him again and i can move on with my game.

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