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Holy f... Serevok is like Trump

Seeing a lot of similarities in the politics of Serevok and those of Trump as I reach the end stages of the game through the dialogue.

It's amazing how an old game can still feel so relevant today!

***Some spoilers follow***

"He has built up support by pledging to combat the very chaos he himself is sowing!" Said by Dhanial, a guy on the base floor of the Iron Throne building as you enter, complaining about how the guild was a stepping stone to power and Serevok is immediately ready throw them under the bus ungratefully.

Still, there are supporters in the streets and many who swear never to support him, seeing through his lies and power plays. A very divided public.

Serevok is even receiving help from an outside power, Dopplegangers, who are secretive agents engineering the political structure's weaknesses to the advantage of their strongman Serevok, who used mob boss tactics to rise to power through the mecantile guild.



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