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[Spoiler] Dorn's quest bug -- no choice of sacrifice

Got to the end of Dorn's personal quest, figured I'd raise Vernus and actually remembered to prepare Raise Dead on both Aerie and Viconia for it. Also had some Summon Elemental scrolls stowed away for good measure. However, the instant I enter the tree, Dorn asks me whom to sacrifice and accepting will always -- always -- pick Viconia, even though she's nowhere near the summoning circle.

I've tried refusing then proceeding to raise / summon my substitutes, but Vernus won't react at all to either Raise Dead or a cheated in Wand of Resurrection, and my Fire Elementals don't trigger Dorn's dialogue either. I've tried removing Viconia from the party and going in with just CHARNAME and Dorn, and still it results in Viconia dying where she was waiting.

Any options? I'd not be averse to just cheating my way past this if no one has any ideas. Don't think I can just drop this quest, since I want to romance Dorn.


  • Joan_DaroJoan_Daro Member Posts: 109
    I might be able to help if you can upload a savefile here.
    You should have the "that druid seems handy" option in his dialogue. If you can't resurrect Vernus then, then the game is bugged and you can try the creatcreature command.
    Also, according to the story itself I think you're supposed to raise Vernus the first time you enter the tree. If you raise him right before the sacrifice you'll be missing really large amount of quest information and dialogues, so if you have a save back from then you might want to roll back a little and hope the bug can fix itself.

  • ElDidouElDidou Member Posts: 11

    I've the same bug.
    Vernus can't be resurrected (he just say he's alive when i beat him but that's all and the corpse remain on the ground) and summoning creatures doesn't work. The only way i have is to put a companion into the circle...
    Is there any way to solve it ?

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 512
    If i am not mistaken he has a particular issue at this point with Viconia and is supposed to always pick her no matter what if she is in the party. At least i am fairly sure i read about this somewhere, so am not sure it's a bug, just Dorn being a douche to the only high level divine spell caster that is evil.

  • ElDidouElDidou Member Posts: 11
    I've no matter with Viconia specifically, the first companion on top of the list (excluding charname) is sacrified. But summons or Vernus doesn't work.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,755
    Please zip and attach your save at for investigation. Our QA will help you, and if there's a bug, log it in.

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