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No Flame Blade for Clerics in IWD:EE ? (Intentional or Bug?)

I started a new F/M/C solo insane run a couple of days back and, to my great surprise, I found that Flame Blade is not present in the Cleric spellbook. I am pretty sure that it was there for clerics in BG2. But since this is the first time I'm playing a plain cleric (earlier I had only played with "un-fixed" Ranger/Clerics, so they had access to both Cleric as well as Druid spellbooks), so I don't know if clerics should be getting this spell or not. Anyways, is the absence of Flame Blade in the IWD Cleric spellbook intentional, or is it a bug?


  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,386
    Intentional - IWD is a lot stricter with it's priest spells, while looser with it's mage spells, following closer to the PnP source.
    There are a lot of spells Clerics and Druids don't get in IWD that they do in BG.
    This is partially offset by their being a greater number of spells for each level in IWD.

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