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Add Toggle For Full Inventory Behavior?

The recent patch changed how full inventories are handled.

Where before, new items added to the inventory would be dropped to the ground, this behavior has changed so that previously possessed items will instead be dropped.

While this may be ideal for singleplayer (e.g. inexperienced module developers can ensure an item is set into the player's inventory), this is a major step back for persistent worlds, where 1) players often receive items en mass from bartering and/or loot stashes, 2) few items are truly 'plot important', rendering the feature pointless, 3) and an online environment means that dropped items, which may be very expensive or have roleplay value, risk being lost.

Speaking as a player of the Arelith persistent world--it's a major headache, and has been a source of frustration for at least a few of my fellow players.

Is there any chance of getting this behavior on an .ini toggle?


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