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Temple of Elemental Evil: Icewind Dale Total Conversion



  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,309
    Lovely list! I'm especially pleased to see Yurtrus there. Gotta love that orcish carrion monk of death.
    I'd replace Tymora with Brandobaris though if you've chosen her solely for the Halfling race. Given that Tymora was not strictly part of the Halfling pantheon, even thought she was 'dating' Brandobaris.
    • Brandobaris NN - Travel, Trickery, Luck

  • AllyxAllyx Member Posts: 47
    Edited, and thanks for your input. As and when the mod is completed, I'll add your forum name to the credits list as an advisor. :smiley:

  • AllyxAllyx Member Posts: 47
    @Ineth and anyone else with an opinion on the matter, I was exploring a few of the Icewind Dale dialogue trees these last couple of days, and have encountered something that might be a slight problem. Lysan, the barmaid in Kuldahar is secretly a priestess of Auril, Auril is an evil god that is currently (in our ToEE:IWD version) included as a player selectable diety, and is the only diety capable of granting Air and Water domains. Lysan apparently is Auril's "chosen one" according to another Auril priest encountered much later on in the game, so something will need to be done to either:

    1) Change Auril to a non-selectable NPC deity and replace her with another deity with Air and Water domains (closer to the original IWD implementation).

    2) Add dialogue lines to encompass the possibility of PC Cleric's of Auril assisting Lysan, in her destruction of Kresselack's tomb (achieving Lysan's primary goal for her) then "betraying/deposing Auril's 'chosen one' Lysan in the hopes of taking her place as 'chosen one'.

    Then later trying to convince the other Auril priest that Lysan was a weak choice, and that the PC Cleric of Auril was a better choice (against Auril's will) of 'chosen one' thus angering the priest who orders an attack on the PC's (requires a few new lines of dialogue which may upset purists/add a touch more roleplay into this hack and slash fest game).

    3) The PC Cleric of Auril defeats Kresselack's minions, confronts Lysan and swears fealty to Auril's 'chosen one', tricks Kresselack into believing Lysan is dead/destroys Kresselack with an item given to them by Lysan, Lysan makes the Yeti cave safe for resting and opens a shop there for her PC underlings and gives them the mission to destroy Kuldahar's people before/after resuming the search for the Heartstone Gem? And the Auril priest later on views the PC Cleric of Auril as a friend, perhaps offering healing and an additional shop for trading goods. (I'm not too certain at this point what role Kuldahar's residents have on the remainder of the story as I've not even beaten chapter 2 of IWD at this point in time).

    The second and third options have the disadvantage that Kuldahar itself is on Auril's list of cold places that need to be opened up to the chill weather and the people in Kuldahar are on Auril's hit list as it were.

    PC Cleric's of Auril not destroying Kuldahar would anger the other Auril priest as his God's will had not been performed, but in doing so deprives the PC's of traders to which PC's can offload loot to until much much later in the game, with Kuldahar destroyed the Auril priest may even be appeased by the PC's actions and consider them friendly and right in thier descision to dispose of Lysan but this is all well out of the scope of the original IWD story.

  • fluke13fluke13 Member Posts: 351
    @Allyx This looks very interesting. I've never played ToEE… on GOG it says it's not compatible with windows10, is there a mod to make it work?

  • AllyxAllyx Member Posts: 47
    fluke13 said:

    @Allyx This looks very interesting. I've never played ToEE… on GOG it says it's not compatible with windows10, is there a mod to make it work?

    I've never had a problem running ToEE on Windows 10, There are issues with some overprotective antivirus programs that quarantine safe essential files, but no issue with Win 10.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,588
    edited June 2018
    @fluke13, I agree with @Allyx. Have run ToEE under Windows 10 with no problems. Just install it out of the Program Files location. I install mine to E:\Games\ToEE, if you don't have another drive, create a games folder on C: drive and install to C:\Games\ToEE.

    If you do get it and looking to install, I recommend also installing the Circle of Eight patch/mod as well as Temple+ (Forum, Mod) to increase your playing experience. There were a number (=lots) of bugs in the release version that weren't patched by TSR and left to the gaming community to do.


  • AllyxAllyx Member Posts: 47
    Installing the Co8 patch is a requirement for the IWD mod, I mean you can install the required TFE-X frontloader program without Co8, but as noted above, the bug fixes in the Co8 mod mean you'll get a way better experience in the main module as well.

  • fluke13fluke13 Member Posts: 351
    @Allyx @Gusinda Thank you, will give it a go, cheers :)

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