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Patch v2.5.16.6 is a damned failure, did Irenicus code it?

warp_9warp_9 Member Posts: 3
edited July 2018 in Troubleshooting
So much for "Improved Multiplayer Stability". Ok, so it did not crash, and in that sense it is stable.

However, when entering the Black Pits, one or more of the players would end up losing control, handed over to the player that created the room. There is no way to reassign players on character arbitration screen as the battle begins immediately following a cut scene.

Additionally, the room list auto updates after 5-15 seconds, and takes 10-20 seconds to update, during which the list is blank. There's frequently not enough time to even find the room you are looking for before the list reloads. This is what happens when you give computer science degrees to gibberlings.

As if not bad enough, most of my old portraits still won't work right. I've tried multiple times to create them from scratch for testing, using various software, various operating systems, various image file attributes, various file naming conventions, both following the old instructions and ignoring them.

Haven't been able to test yet, but did the container bugs ever get fixed? The containers often begin working properly, but always end up showing as being empty, and must be handed to the person who created he game room, in order to remove items. Sometimes not even the person who created the game room can see any items in the container, but randomly another player might. Almost always, no items can be permanently removed from containers. A copy of all items remains in the bag. But often enough, items placed into containers - once they have entered the buggy state - simply are removed from the game.


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