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Discussion of BG2EE Gameplay Ini Settings

HeroicSpurHeroicSpur Member Posts: 906
Hi All,

I was recently browsing through the BG2:EE ini, and noticed quite a few settings which seemed quite interesting, but did a quick search and couldn't find what they do. I have listed some of them below, I appreciate that a couple of them may be quite obvious, but does anyone have any ideas?

'Game Options', 'Terrain Hugging', '0'

'Game Options', 'HP Over Head', '0'

Game Options', 'Extra Feedback', '0' [I remember in the original BG2 this option added a lot of extra description)

Game Options', 'All Learn Spell Info', '0',

'Multiplayer', 'Default Permissions', '00000001', (can this option be used to changed the default permissions for new players joining a multiplayer game?)

'Multiplayer', 'Pausing Dialog', '0', (I understand that this prevents some dialogues from pausing the game, e.g. with shopkeepers so that players can shop at the same time)

'Game Options', 'Render Actions', '0',

'Multiplayer', 'Disable Banters', '1', (I understand that this enables NPCs to conduct banters between themselves, in my multiplayer games NPCs regularly chat to Charname so it can't be that)

'Game Options', 'Render Travel Regions', '0',

'Mage Spells', 'SPWI605', '0' (no idea what this does)


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