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Transferring from SoD to BG2:EE (BG1:EE completed)

Hi, fellow forumers!

So, as of late, I've been pretty busy going through BG1:EE and SoD.
And since I have not bested BG2 yet (Yes, after all these years), I was pretty exited to play all of The Saga through with my toon.
But, lo! NOTHING and I mean LITERALLY NOTHING of my items from SoD got transfered to BG2:EE except the golden pantaloons. (Whitch of itself is a miracle, but that is beyond my point). Even pitiful longsword +1.
Wait a minute, I said to my self, it MUST be a mistake. Has to be. And I went online.

And according to a couple of articles, for example, but not limited to:
It IS possible to transfer items from SoD to BG2:EE.
So, I tried with EVERY ITEM in my inventory, and my bag of holding, but to no avail. (And I know, I did it right, because it worked with the pantaloons).

What is more funny, that I was able to trasfer some items to BG1:EE from SoD. (Ankheg mail, ring of protection +1, ect.)
So, to reiterate, one CAN transfer items BACK from SoD to BG1:EE but, from SoD to BG2:EE (forwards) it is a no-no!
Either it is dumb as f***ighter, or it is I am so.

Please, help me clarify.


  • bleusteelbleusteel Member Posts: 408
    I think the situation you find yourself in at the beginning of BG2 should explain why your inventory is missing. If you really want specific items just use EEKeeper to add them back to your inventory. Unless you’re playing on a mobile, then it gets trickier.

  • Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,337
    edited July 2018
    A wise captor never leaves anything with his captives. ;)

    Since you're captured and imprisoned by Irenicus at the start of BG2, he has taken all that was there in your inventory. You'll eventually get back some of the valuable items scattered throughout his dungeon as well as in various places in Amn during your journey.

    So yes, it is normal that you'll start BG2 with an empty inventory. It's how the game is meant to be played.

    As for the discussion that you've linked in your post, it is about the occurrence of these "scattered" items that you find in BG2, and not about the starting inventory. What it means is that some of those items which you had earlier (and which were taken from you) will be found later in the game. And if you've played SoD before starting BG2, you'll get some of the SoD-specific items "scattered" in BG2, which you would not otherwise get if you only played BGEE without SoD before importing the save game. Hope this helps! :)

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,359
    edited July 2018
    By way of reassurance:

    1) Everything in BG2 scales up quite dramatically so your BG1 items would suddenly become rather mundane.
    2) What you don't lose is all your XP, which is far more useful than a bag load of 'things'.

  • foma_mgppufoma_mgppu Member Posts: 113
    Finally, I found it)
    So, if ever you have a same question about transferring items:

    I think the question is answered, TY all!

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