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Coran's Quest Can't Be Completed

Current Behavior: In my file, talking to Coran and bringing him into the party indicates that a quest has been started, but no entry appears in my journal for any chapter. When I have a Wyvern Head in my inventory and talk to Coran, he says to turn it in to the priest in Beregost. After turning it in, however, the message box says "Quest Updated - Bassilus the Murderer" even though I've completed that quest, and further attempts to speak with Coran result in him saying "No time to talk - I have wyverns to hunt." He will also leave shortly, even though the quest was completed.

Expected Behavior: Speaking with Coran should put the wyvern hunting quest in the journal, under "Current Quests." Turning in the wyvern head to the priest should put the quest under "Completed" and have some form of acknowledgement from Coran. He should also stay in the party once that has completed.

Is there any console code that can fix this in the meantime? He's kind of the only NPC left that fits the party.


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