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[BUG (from BG1)] AR5200 doesn't like Full Mages

BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
edited July 2012 in Fixed
Surely this is just another of my oops posts, but... I just confirmed it with vBG1 as well which suffers the same exact thing, so...

I was just forming a random new character to test an encounter in AR5200 and discovered an oddity. When in Candlekeep my mage could move and cast spells just fine. When I teleported out to AR5200 I found that the char is in a semi-perpetual attack stance, and when I click the ground ahead, the char only moves a small portion of the distance. Then it won't move at all unless I click elsewhere- in which case it's again only a portion of the distance. I tried casting "Clairvoyance" from a scroll in Candlekeep this way- all ok- but in AR5200 (when the casting is begun at all) the casting is interrupted part-way through. For sure the drop of the spell scroll count shows an attempt to cast was made.

I've now tested this with multiple races as well as both male and female- same thing happens with all full mages, including gnome illusionists.

Something about AR5200 makes my mages oddly revert to an attack pose.

I also made a human fighter and ported over. No problems at all. My elf F-M-T has had no issues in AR5200 either. I also ported my elf mage over to AR5100, AR5000... no problems at all- moving about or casting scrolls. Back to AR5200, the problems return.

Make AR5200 leave my mages alone! The nerve of that AR...

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