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[(BG1) INCONSISTENCY] Raiken's bandits attack on sight no matter what

AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
edited November 2012 in Fixed

Upon meeting Raiken's bandits in Peldvale (AR2400), they attack you on sight even if Raiken is blue-circled and wants to talk to you first. This also happens in vanilla BG1, and it doesn't make much sense: if the bandits' boss wants to talk, his lackeys should stay put until they're ordered otherwise.

If you convince Raiken to escort you to the bandit camp, and Tazok to take you in his squad, every bandit in the camp becomes blue-circled as you count as one of them. However, the bandits in Peldvale are still there, and they're still red-circled (unless, of course, you had already killed them; how weird would it be if you talked to Raiken peacefully while slaughtering his men, in real life?). This is also consistent with vanilla BG1, and also makes no sense: if you're with the bandits, all bandits should be blue-circled and treat you as an ally.


Raiken's bandits in Peldvale should be neutral unless Raiken gets ticked off and orders them to attack.

If CHARNAME manages to join the bandits, and Raiken's bandits are still alive in Peldvale, they should be neutral to CHARNAME and his party just like all the other bandits at the bandit camp.

Should CHARNAME tick off the bandits in the bandit camp, then Raiken's bandits should become hostile too.

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