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[(BG1) INCONSISTENCY] Text appearing in the battle log after flooding the Cloakwood mine.

TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
edited August 2012 in Fixed
Problem: When you automatically exit the mine after flooding it you get the following text in the battle log:

"Dradeel- You have opened the seal and therefore flooded the Cloakwood mines. Barely escaping the onrushing waters, you are proud to have dealt a greivous blow to the Iron Throne. You do feel some guilt from the loss of life that the flood must have caused, but then, in your mind there was little choice."

I don't know who this Dradeel guy is. He's no NPC in the vicinity of the exit and the text itself seems like the narrator talking. Its also pretty redundant with the text of the journal entry that you receive at the time too.

Expected Behaviour: Probably better to remove that line entirely.

NOTE: I forgot to mention that this problem existed in vanilla BG1 too.

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