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[Bug] Quiver of Plenty +1

OurQuestIsVainOurQuestIsVain Member Posts: 201
edited March 2013 in Fixed
Current Behavior - When equipped, the quiver of plenty (attained in the black pits) shows a bonus +1 to thaco but not +1 to damage. The item description for the quiver says it provides an unlimited supply of +1 arrows. +1 arrows give +1 thaco and 1d6+1 damage.

Expected Behavior - The quiver of plenty should provide arrows that give +1 thaco and damage. Unless this was intended, and in that case the item description should be more clear. This might also be a problem with the inventory screen and record sheet gui, as it is now it says 1-6 for damage. I haven't tested to see if this is the actual damage.

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