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Feature Request: Tavern Rumors

This is sorta a minor request, but I'd really like to have more rumors in the inns because it's one of my favorite features about d&d. If you honestly think about it no RPG has really ever came close to its rumor system. Yes, there are games that offer rumors (i.e Elder Scrolls). However, has it truly ever felt as authentic as Baldur's Gate or other Infinity Engine Games?

In my opinion, I think not. I also think this would make as an interesting way to add new content to Baldur's Gate I or II: EE. In fact, it'd make an interesting addition because you wouldn't actually be changing anything from the core experience that the creators did not initially intend to be altered.

I like the taverns, and it's not as much aspect of alcohol as much as it is the fact to offer a place where you can take your party and just relax because I like readable objects or aspects of games.



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