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Add the ability to sell all unequipped copies of an item.

JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
edited December 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
You know how shopkeepers pay a higher price for items they don't have in abundance? And how it's in your best interest to painstakingly rearrange your inventory so you can sell all copies of the same item at the same time? And how, long after a shopkeeper has stopped offering a higher price, you still have to click twenty times just to sell all your long swords?

I propose that the player should be able to double-click an item and choose the number they want to sell, up to number of unequipped copies they have, similar to how you can double-click an item in the shop to set the number you want to buy. Items in quick slots and such would count as equipped so that you don't accidentally sell them.

Currently, this doesn't even work on stacked items—if you don't want to sell the whole stack, you have to separate them in your inventory before talking to the merchant. You should be able to just choose the number you want to sell.

A "Max" button would also be a handy addition so the player doesn't have to click and hold "+" all the time.



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