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Which file determines NPC level and placement?

WuKongWuKong Member Posts: 3
I have a newbie question -- I can find the NPC files (e.g. Ajantis is AJANTI.CRE, AJANTI4.CRE, AJANTI6.CRE) but I can't seem to figure what file determines which of those get placed in the proper area (e.g. AR1400 for Ajantis). I can see the NPCLEVEL.2DA file seems to show which version should spawn depending on the Player level, but nothing that shows the default and their appropriate area. I checked the AR1400 script and it seems to just deal with getting rid of the fishermen. (I am just using Ajantis as an example, but my question really pertains to all of the NPCs). Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks in advance!


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