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[(BG2) Bug] Scrolls with cropped inventory icons (0815)

IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
edited September 2012 in Fixed
Current behaviour: Several spell scrolls have their inventory icon BAMs cropped from the right. To be clear, I am referring to the icon BAM displayed when the item is occupying an inventory slot. I've attached a screenshot to demonstrate.

Expected behaviour: The scrolls affected should have their icon BAMs restored. The BAMs in BG1 are uncropped and do not suffer from this problem. Here is a list of the scrolls affected:

scrl5a    Mental Domination
scrl5b Defensive Harmony
scrl5c Protection From Lightning
scrl5d Protection From Evil 10' radius
scrl5e Champion's Strength
scrl5f Chaotic Commands
scrl5g Remove Curse
scrl5h Emotion
scrl5i Greater Malison
scrl5j Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
scrl5k Spirit Armor
scrl5l Polymorph Other
scrl5m Polymorph Self
scrl5n Domination
scrl5o Hold Monster
scrl5p Chaos
scrl5q Feeblemind

Games affected: BG2, BGEE.

Notes: These scrolls' icon BAMs are cropped in BG2, as well.

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