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[Mod]Improved difficulty mod beta



  • DaveRoidDaveRoid Member Posts: 26
    Sarnind did you use a kit mod or something? I have kits that are missing (with gibrish text in place) and some items without portraits. Branwe seems to be a war-priest kit of sorts that missing.

  • LeafslayerLeafslayer Member Posts: 4

    Is this mod compatible with MAC OSX?

    It doesn't seem like it is -- I can't find the folder labelled '00766'. I tried replacing the override folder, but whenever I click on my inventory the game returns to the desktop.



  • LeafslayerLeafslayer Member Posts: 4
    I have checked on my PC version -- same thing.

    I am doing something incorrect here:

    I'm replacing the override folder in the 00766 folder -- game crashes when I try and go into my inventory.



  • Somulo_Somulo_ Member Posts: 270
    may be do mod, without archaic UI, because hardcore is good but.. why we need ui mod with that?)))

  • shadow85shadow85 Member Posts: 126
    is this mod still being worked on..koz i keep getting crashes when i try to access the inventory. Before the new patches it worked but not anymore.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,702
    @shadow85 It comes with an outdated version of Archaic's GUI that is not compatible with the current version of the game. The mod's author has not been active since march.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,402
    @shadow85 delete guiinv files from your override. The old inventory files are incompatible with the latest patch's bigger numbers on inventory upgrade.

  • shadow85shadow85 Member Posts: 126
    is Hard Times mod compatible with BGEE yet?

  • shadow85shadow85 Member Posts: 126
    it also crashes when going into character record (R). Any fix for this?

  • shadow85shadow85 Member Posts: 126
    BUMP anyone knows how to fix the character record screen crash?

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,402
    @shadow85 delete guirec.chu and files from override. If does not work, delete all files starting with gui. The mod uses and old, incompatible version of the Archaic GUI mod, so gui files can cause crashes.

  • CharanCharan Member Posts: 118
    edited July 2013
    Hey guys. I just got it to running on newest patch. (By removing all Interface related files).
    I made this by downloading the newer version of archaic mod from (Manual). Then following the readme/instruction I was drag-dropping files into override folder of the improved difficulty mode (NOT IN THE GAME DIRECTORY) - Yes to all file replacement. After all files are copied - they are immediately selected and can be deleted by simply pressing Delete button.

    This way I cleaned all archaic mod files from the improved diffuculty mode - Already tested and it works. So far exp works, it's much harder, I have all default UI looks and fonts and game doesn't crash. Hope it helps.

    ----- EDIT-----
    I've investigated the mod content. It's possible to correctly incorporate CREATURES EDITED STATS - Simply sort files in this mod override folder by TYPE and delete every file that has an extension other than .CRE (Creature file).

    Suprisingly, the mod has incorporated area changes - additional spawn - edited item stats and many other sneaky changes mod author did not warn us about.

    Oh and additionally - many monsters are altered in weird way 0 such as a basic kobold having 46 HP increase from 4HP, while not having any EXP value increase, while some monsters have 4x EXP value increase with altered stats: + 4 HP, -2 Thaco (example: OGRE). While some varieties of same creatures are left completely untouched.

    The creature edits are still quite good but as they are (it's suppose to be harder right?), but some of the exp value increase are really uncalled for - I might edit them a bit to balance things out. Need to edit over 1700 .CRE files, which may take a while

    I also strongly suggest to delete Drizzt.CRE or replace it with TeamBG drizzt rebalace. Stats of Drizzt from this mods are:
    40 000 EXP reward
    Hit Points: 400 (over 4x INCREASE?!)
    Thaco: 0
    Attacks /round: 5
    Level: 20(demigod)
    Base AC: -10
    Resist Magic: 98%
    Resist Damage(any type): 30%

    This makes him pretty much unbeatable in fair combat.

    Post edited by Charan on
  • CharanCharan Member Posts: 118
    edited July 2013
    I suggest removing this mod from stickied link - unfortunately it is very poorly made and has a lot of unwanted override files included, which messes up/breaks current version of the game.
    I will do my best to prepare a more balanced mod to increase fights difficulty, while not giving too big EXP reward. - editing only Creature values, based on increasing their levels, to maintain the base values modifiers of AD&D rules. This will probably take me a week or so.

    Post edited by Charan on
  • DreadnaughtDreadnaught Member Posts: 92
    that website was closed by the government. Do you have a second website?

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