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What made you interested in DnD?



  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    A family member/friend showed me one or both (dnd and bg)
    Teflon said:

    Umm @Nonnahswriter
    Do you often play dnd pen and paper with your mother nowdays?
    From yer story she was dungeon master I presume :)
    My mother played diamond game with me but not dnd hehe.

    Not as often as I would like anymore. We've got lives and stuff. I still play with a lot of my friends, but she' usually too busy. We did play Shadowrun with her a while back though, and that was fun. XD

  • CalmarCalmar Member Posts: 685
    BG got me into role playing (DnD)
    My interest in fantasy fiction in general got aroused by the fantastic turn-based strategy game Age of Wonders. That year also the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons was released and there was a very interesting article about the history and settings of D&D in a computer game magazine. That gave me the impression that there was a vast amount of D&D-based PC games out there and, not being picky about the details, I went to a store to buy one and went home with Baldur's Gate I (I'm glad I didn't chose to buy the sequel because that probably might not have worked on the old machine I had access to back then).

    A few weeks later I took a friend and bought the quite cool D&D Starter set (, but it would take some more years before we'd find enough and trustworthy players. :)

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    None of the above
    I came to DnD through MB Games and Gamesworkshops board game HEROQUEST. It was awesome. I always played the wizard... I still occasionally fling a "fire of wrath" when checking myself out in the mirror... DnD was just the next step...

  • ElessarElessar Member Posts: 44
    A family member/friend showed me one or both (dnd and bg)

  • DazzuDazzu Member Posts: 924
    It started when I was given the AD&D Fantasy Pack: a set of 5 D&D Dos games: Fantasy Empires, Stronghold, Dungeon Hack, Unlimited Adventures and Dark Sun: Shattered Lands (though most versions have all but the last one)

    It was pretty fun, and back in those days when AoL was actually common, there were a ton of downloadable UA modules to download and play.

  • toanwrathtoanwrath Member Posts: 621
    BG got me into role playing (DnD)
    I now play PnP games all the time, more often than BG. However, as a 7 year old playing BG I became interested.

  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    edited January 2013
    I was into role playing (DnD) long before BG
    We need a DragonLance game !!!

    Perhaps a good one for you to do in the future !! @Trentoster

  • doppleganger95doppleganger95 Member Posts: 27
    I was into role playing (DnD) long before BG
    I started playing D&D in 84ish. But, I haven't really played since high school. That's probably why I fell in love with BG when it first came out.

    I am sure I started playing D&D because I read every fantasy novel they had in my school's library starting with the Hobbit back in 4th or 5th grade. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Triology, the Shannara trilogy, and of course the first Dragonlance book came out in 1984. I am positive that I "borrowed" every character name out of those books at some point.

  • ErinneErinne Member Posts: 151
    A family member/friend showed me one or both (dnd and bg)
    As I recall, I played BG and some other DnD-based video games before trying the tabletop thing, which was introduced to me later by a friend.

  • WilburWilbur Member Posts: 1,173
    A family member/friend showed me one or both (dnd and bg)
    I used to play the Dungeons and Dragons (pnp) back in the day when I was like 12-15 years old. I have also played a lot of the gold box games and EOB 1&2 before BG was released.

  • LindeblomLindeblom Member Posts: 257
    I was into role playing (DnD) long before BG
    Started AD&D 1985, finished around 1990.
    Started BG as soon as it arrived and never finished.
    Have not seen any game provide so many years of joy as the BG saga and to some extent IWD.
    Played Planescape Torment for about 4 levels and then quit for some unknown reason. Up until I quit, it was absolutely AWESOME. Need to look for it again......

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