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Solo the Black Pits?

Has anybody soloed the Black Pits? Or maybe just used 2 characters? I am wondering what the smallest group to successfully complete it is? What class were you? Thanks


  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 775
    Solo insane with archer...couldn't finish a no-reload challenge though. Probably because I hardly used meta-gaming for that run; I also didn't farm and just went on to the next tier, if I died then I just reloaded. Probably had to reload about 5x.

    I also had a three-member team. Mage for area spells, Inquisitor for those nasty mages, archer for damage-dealing. Quite effective, I must add.
  • nptitimnptitim Member Posts: 93
    I just completed it with 2 human fighters although I died on a few occasions and I also replayed some fights to get extra XP and gold
  • Stargazer5781Stargazer5781 Member Posts: 182
    Done it several times, once with a cavalier, then with a blade, then with a kensai-mage.
  • nptitimnptitim Member Posts: 93
    Nice, did you have to farm at all or could you go through one fight after another?
  • SCARY_WIZARDSCARY_WIZARD Member Posts: 1,385
    Doing it with a Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User and a Blackguard. Fuuuun. :D
  • AllbrotherAllbrother Member Posts: 183
    No reload, insane with kensai
    Quite doable
  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 775
    really? just with kensai, how?
  • iKrivetkoiKrivetko Member Posts: 908
    Did it with a Fighter/Mage multi. Took quite a couple of reloads though.
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  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 775
    May I be excused for what I'm about to're extremely annoying! Do you really enjoy having such repulsive personality? Now that I think about it - @Silchas is right, it's completely doable. If I remember correctly, there are unlimited supplies of useful potions like health, invisibility, and speed. Going solo also means having the powerful potions like magic protection all for yourself. There are also many other useful potions to choose from. For other classes, one can also take advantage of the scrolls; for a solo run, they'd seem unlimited.
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  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 775
    Trolls will always be trolls. Why you remain in this forum is beyond me. I hope sooner or later you'd get what you deserve :-)
  • DebaserDebaser Member Posts: 669
    edited January 2013
    @nptitim - OK so...I just got through it solo, but I reloaded at least a dozen times on the last fight and maybe three times otherwise on the way up.

    I played on insane as a Beserker since I've been playing one a lot lately.

    I figured I'd have an edge against Charm / Confusion, etc.

    Alls I can say is this...Baeloth isn't a chump! With a group I was lucky to see the Beholder let alone the two Golems that he spawns after the Eye Tyrant falls!

    Solo is a different have to really make sure you have the right potions and items or you won't ever stand a chance with anyone who melees. (Maybe a sorcerer or a mage would fair better?)

    A cleric could try to summon creatures possibly too, but I just don't know how you'd pull it of in time!

    I have to use the improved haste in the cloak first thing immediately so I can enrage fast enough to also pop a fire potion and swap out my cloak for the electrical resistance cloak immediately afterward.

    AT THAT have to kill the two minions...pop a mirrored eye potion...kill the beholder (who is oddly enough the easiest guy in the bunch!) and then pop a magic resistance potion (preferably the one that lasts 5 rounds) right before your enrage runs out and leaves you winded.

    I was a Grandmaster in Two-Handed Swords...with no + in any blunt weapons...but I did have a +2 Staff from before (Bought it to kill Golems the first time around), so after the beholder falls over you have to be careful of any shields (Ice / Fire) Baeloth might have up...wait those out and try to drink healing potions...he's going to stone skin....four or five times before you can get him down focus on knocking him down first THEN take down the golems if you don't have any blunt weapon expertise.

    He glitched out on me and got up to cast stone skin one last time after that...but the fight was mine!

    Bear in mind I was wearing the Belt of Inertial Barrier, without that I would have NEVER been able to defeat him on my own.

    This is a tough solo fight though for a 'Zerker...and that's pretty much the strongest warrior class for soloing. (Kensai Mage maybe could do it easier?)

    Though When I tried to dual class at level 9 previously it wouldn't let me gain levels in my new a dual classed character won't be able to get Grandmastery for the Black Pitts.

    Also, a side note...whatever you stock up on in your inventory you can't take with you importing into the regular game, but whatever you're wearing you CAN.

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  • reddherringgreddherringg Member Posts: 1
    To the guys above who are skeptical, i've soloed insane 7/9 Kensai/Mage and 10 Archer, and 8/9 shadowdancer/fighter. Those classes don't get hit. Insane is the same as novice if your character never gets hit. The trick in Black Pits is to buff -before- you enter the arena. Most buffs will last the whole fight. K/M looks something like this before Baeloth: Ghost Armor, Blur, Mirrored Image, Stoneskin, Improved Haste (from the cloak), Improved Invisibility (from the cloak), potion of magic protection. With the robe of the __ Archmagi, plus ring/amulet plus cloak, that's an effective AC of like -15. With a belt of inertial barrier and the potion, you're immune to (most) magic damage (there are exceptions, like fireshield blue/red will still hit you maybe a glitch, maybe not).

    With the archer, improved haste (from the cloak), improved invisibility (from the cloak), boots of cheetah, magic protection pot, belt of inertial barrier and lots of high damage arrows (for some reason they seem to cycle though immunities to different arrows, especially the rakshasha, just keep trying different ones). Shoot shoot shoot shoot run. If you're desperate, you can even outrun most missile spells, run pause shoot pause run pause etc.) Repeat.

    Shadowdancer/fighter: Improved haste, improved invisibility, belt of inertial barrier, pot of magic protection. Take out the duregar (sp) first. Lure him away. hide, backstab, repeat. For Baeloth, just go all out and hope you kill him before your improved invisibility and haste wear out. The cat won't target you until it does. Then clean up the cat. By the way, i never ever get to the beholder or the golems. The duregar and cat are easier to deal with imo.

    I haven't tried it, but I'm 99% certain you can solo black pits on insane with a vanilla fighter. I solo'd core rules with a 9/11 fighter thief (multi) without any problems (which is basically a vanilla fighter in black pits).

    Use the stuff they make available. Having problems with the Ogres? Bet the destroyer of the hills belt will help... Enemies using ice or fire? Look whats in the pot shop... resistance potions. Learn to pull enemies 1 and 2 at a time. Getting swarmed at the beginning of a fight? Pop an invis potion and relocate to pull enemies on your terms.

    Fighter classes are easiest. Squishy classes are harder. Use amulets of shielding or defense potions, or any of the above shielding spells if you're a mage. Every class needs to get THAC0 down as much as possible, spell casters won't be able to finish challenges with spells. You're going to have to club stuff to death. And no, I've not made it through a solo no-reload challenge yet. Getting held, sleeped, stunned etc. is too common and it's usually instadeath unless the enemies glitch. If you've done it, my hat's off to 'ya.
  • NifftNifft Member Posts: 1,065
    Yeah, with a solo or a small party you have a LOT more money than you would as a larger party. It's pretty easy to equip your guy with the best gear, and you can blow a lot on single-use items.

    To make the last fight with Baeloth easier:

    Ignore the kitten and the dwarf. Focus all fire on Baeloth until he's lying prone in a blue circle, then kill his allies. If you're immune to Cloudkill and you resist dwarf weaponry, this is quite doable.

    You won't face the beholder, nor will you face extra golems.

    Once his allies are dead, chunk the prone mage in the blue circle, and you're done.
  • darius404darius404 Member Posts: 12
    edited April 2013
    @reddherringg If you don't mind my asking, how did you get past the necromancer with your shadowdancer? Did you grind experience/levels before you faced him? Because I literally can't hit him.
  • Jared4242Jared4242 Member Posts: 130
    I did it with a True Ranger, first go, no reloads. Basically came down to talking to that beholder, and buying 5 potions of whatever I needed. Before getting Boots of Speed, it got a bit hairy at times.
  • SCARY_WIZARDSCARY_WIZARD Member Posts: 1,385

    The trick in Black Pits is to buff -before- you enter the arena. Most buffs will last the whole fight.

    This is very true!
    Something I like doing with a mage in the party, is casting armor just before I go to rest, removing it from my memorized spells and adding a more combat-oriented spell (damagey, controlly, perhaps), and then resting. It'll last. Then, I just put on all the other buffs and have at.
  • MathmickMathmick Member Posts: 326
    If I recall I managed to get to the final boss fight with an FMC. I think I gave up because even after killing Baeloth and the Dwarf, I could not put any damage at all on the other guy.
  • KaltzorKaltzor Member Posts: 1,050
    The only real problem I could see in soloing the black pits is the last fight before Baeloth and his friends...

    Fire giants hurt kind of bad and fire elementals tend to explode.
  • IrbisIrbis Member Posts: 49
    so far i solo'ed BP with Sourcerer (was damn fun and tactical), Kensai (to my suprise - mostly a smoth ride except the portals battle) and a Monk (this was painfull... really painfull).
    Now i am about to solo it with a Cleric, Druid and a Thief(<---i am really looking forward for this one)
    I will propably skip bards, barb and the rest. Well maybe except Ranger.
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