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Plans for touching-up iOS touch-commands?

IecerintIecerint Member Posts: 397
edited January 2013 in iPad (Archive)
I haven't played BG:EE yet, but a theme that came up in reviews (and basically the only negative AFAICR) has been concerns about iOS touch optimizations.

Have any patches since release altered how the touch controls are implemented? Do the developers have any plans to address the alleged complaints in the future? Can any current players comment on the significance or triviality of the alleged issues?

I'm a huge fan of the original BG series and will probably jump on-board BG:EE sooner or later, but I want to get a better sense of this issue before I find myself disappointed.

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  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,140
    Not yet, but it'll be addressed in the next patch, according to the devs.

  • IecerintIecerint Member Posts: 397
    Awesome news, thanks. I guess I missed this in the "announced features" thread.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Is there an announced features thread? If there is I'd LOVE to see it.

    Keep in mind that what @minevese is saying may not be what you're thinking. This game was originally developed for a system with a mouse and keyboard. Without ripping out the entire interface and re-designing it from scratch (something they can't do because they're producing a multi-platform game, not an iPad game), I suspect the "gestures" you're going to get are those that can be applied to a mouse action: If the original game had a mouse action for it, you can probably get a touch gesture assigned to it...but if, for instance, you feel that a better gesture for moving characters is swiping instead of tapping, that may not be able to be done...because the original game requires a mouse click to move the characters.

    All I'm saying is not to be too disappointed if the next update doesn't include all of the multi-touch gestures you think should be there or an interface that feels like it was built for the iPad...that may not even be possible given what they're trying to do with the game...on the other hand, it may very well be.

    Look at the current interface from a design perspective and you'll realize everything you're doing with it is very "mouse" oriented...just like the PC game. Many of the problems we're having can also be tracked back to the fact that a "mouse" doesn't exist on the iPad. The current design has been to implement "mouse" effects with touch actions.

    That concept may not be able to change.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,140
    Just to make what i said clearer, the next patch should add better targeting zones, making it easier to click on exits and small items on screen. AFAIK there are no other interface changes announced.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 10,718
    Illydth said:

    Many of the problems we're having can also be tracked back to the fact that a "mouse" doesn't exist on the iPad. The current design has been to implement "mouse" effects with touch actions.

    To be fair, that's not strictly true: they implemented an ability to move the ground/camera by dragging your finger, a la Google Maps, which is not correlated to any mouse action in the PC version. So there is clearly some work the can be done to adapt the interface to a touchscreen, and the devs clearly understand that and have approached it with the right mindset. I think it's a good idea for players to give feedback on what is working well and what isn't. Based on the forthcoming update, the devs are listening, which is great.

    Of course, there is still room for improvement. Even staying within the 'mouse-emulation' paradigm, you could do things like make a tap emulate a right-click instead of a left-click... that would solve the problem of party orientation. It would mean having to change the map-dragging action, and maybe they'll decide not to do that. But in any event, I think discussion and suggestions about these ideas can only be productive - even if they never get implemented.

  • D3V11_D3V11_ Member Posts: 67
    @subtledoctor, what I believe @illydth is saying is that the original BG game was made for a PC thus it was made for a system that has many interface options (keys, mouse, mouse buttons, keys, and more keys) but when ported to the iPad there are interface limitations do to no, key board (unless you attach one, but we want it to work on the iPad alone, attaching a keyboard is a bonus on an iPad) , taps, and gestures. Do to the lack of interface variety on the iPad all the controls are all crammed tightly and there is little room to add more (tho they did a splendid job of adding as much as possible, grate work developers!). Did I get that right Illydth?

    Having says that I agree that players giving feedback is a very good thing, it will help developers immensely, but the users understand the application/game at a different level and sometimes something that may seem easy to a user may in fact be very difficult in reality. Thus by all means make comments, suggestions, etc... But pleas keep in mind that some things may take longer to do than it seems, if it is at all feasible to do at all (this goes for myself as well). I do agree also that there is room for improvement of course, I do not mean to give the impression that work on this grate software/work of art should stop.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Gah. Thanks @D3V11_ that pretty much is what I was saying.

    And I SINCERELY hope I'm not coming across as "we shouldn't be discussing this", I'm ALL FOR discussion and discussing changes/suggestions/etc.

    My post wasn't there to limit conversation, it was there simply to provide a perspective that some of the things being requested may not be possible.

    Sorry if I came across as saying "Your ideas are useless" :) Any discussion is good discussion.


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