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Game Update 1.0.2012

CameronToferCameronTofer Administrator, Developer Posts: 279
edited January 2013 in Archived News
An update to the Windows version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is now available.

Crash Fixes:
* Improved multiplayer stability
* Fixed Black Pits sword crash
* Fixed crash when manipulating portrait files

* Damage notifications change colour depending on type of damage done
* Option to turn off coloured player circles (enables original green circles)
* Added roll total to ability screen when creating a new character
* Elven Chain Mail now obtainable
* Yeslick may rejoin the party in Jopalin's Tavern
* Black Lily purchases stolen goods
* UI improvements

Bug Fixes:
* Resolved random respawns occurring too often
* Stat modifications for unidentified items now appear
* Issue with Baeloth not returning solved (Black Pits)
* Bounty Hunter class gains proper skill points
* Eldoth and Skie removing and joining problem solved
* Fixed issue with certain spell portrait icons not being removed
* Officer Vai will only purchase bandit scalps
* Scroll case capacity increased
* Improved chatbar (Multiplayer)
* Issue with gender dialogue is now proper
* Nashkel movie will play instantly
* Fixed Yeslick infinite dialogue loop
* Selling infinite wolf pelt to Nashkel store glitch removed
* Lothander and Marek's antidote will never vanish
* Drizzt doesn't run away from gnoll battle
* Shapeshifted spider no longer held in webs
* Player will no longer have guards summoned when near previously opened containers
* Archers and Druids may now equip Ankheg Plate Mail
* Characters speak to the player more quickly in tutorial
* Characters respond appropriately during Obe's Combat tutorial
* Charmed NPCs will give the player their promised gifts
* Lightmap for Kagain's shop has been updated
* Cat familiar now has an attack
* Imp familiar polymorphing to ogre and back works
* Wand of Polymorphing's range has been increased
* Improved Aldeth's Merchant League quest
* Simmeon now gives XP
* Some weapons not flagged as magical now are
* Casson's body quest has been touched up
* Resolved issue with Kivan leaving the party
* Characters with strength less than 5 are now able to complete the tutorial
* Monks now able to complete the tutorial
* Music restored to the Friendly Arm Inn
* Commoners in Beregost and Nashkel say proper lines after Chapter 2
* Spider body will not disappear (Landrin's quest)
* Missing Citizens quest has been polished
* Issues with Elkart's ransom money have been resolved
* Tersus will turn hostile if robbed
* Tiax now properly summons Ghasts
* Tiber will take his brother's body
* Quiver/Case of Plenty now give proper damage bonus
* History of the Nether Scrolls no longer sellable
* Issue with Ring of Free Action not properly effecting mobility
* Emerson no longer constantly updates player's journal
* Imoen responds correctly to changes in reputation
* Fixed sound sets of Tessilan, Faltis and Glayde
* Removed intelligence limit on certain miscellaneous items
* Sorcerous Sundries accessible without force selling of nymph hair
* Added an auto-save right before the opening cutscene (Black Pits)
* Correct rest movie is played in Adoy's Enclave
* Adoy's area is now correctly placed/coloured on map
* Ambient noises can now be heard in Adoy's Enclave
* Farmer Brun no longer takes more than one item
* Euric no longer takes more than one item
* Contagion spell now casts properly
* Fixed Branwen refusing to join party when declined at first
* Issue with drinkable quest items has been resolved
* Wizard Slayer and Beastmaster class have more weapon restrictions
* Amnish Soldiers guarding Nashkel Mine have been modified
* Gandolar voiced lines added/improved interaction
* Delsvirftanyon voiced lines added
* Interaction with Drunk has been improved
* Interaction with Bellamy has been improved
* Interaction with Kerrachus has been improved
* Interaction with Phandalyn has been improved
* Interaction with Zecke has been improved
* Interaction with Grael has been improved
* Interaction with Pang Wallen has been improved
* Interaction with Kirinhale has been improved
* Problem with Scar's character model dissapearing fixed
* Increased text size of weight allowed in inventory
* Dorn's starting XP and HP have been increased
* Fixed exploit allowing Dorn to receive THAC0 bonus
* Only Dorn may receive THAC0 bonus from Rancor +1
* Fixed exploit with Single-Weapon Style
* Looping dialogue with Neera after Meklin encounter fixed
* Spawning issue with Neera's initial encounter
* World's Edge now glows
* Characters in Obe's tutorial no longer have BG1 proficiency distributions
* Longbow +2 and Composite Longbow +2 now give proper damage
* All slings not usable by Kensai and Cavalier
* Balanced certain pre-generated character's proficiency distribution
* Fixed issue with some items not needing to be identified
* Monks and Kensai are no longer able to equip shields
* Prism and Greywolf's voiced lines added
* Chaos Shield now has description when cast
* Ring of Acuity/Captive Audience no longer equip-able by Monk
* Treacle's gender no longer in question (Black Pits)
* Travelling to other areas in Archaeological Site touched up
* Fixed Enchanted Weapon Enchantment/Charm
* Fixed issue with certain items playing the incorrect sound
* The Vampire's Revenge now has the correct effects
* Tenya dialogue issues have been corrected
* Bassilus's voiced line now plays
* Issue with certain classes wearing armor (Tutorial)
* Various item descriptions/images have been fixed
* Various container and door highlights have been readjusted
* Quest/Journal log fixes

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