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Proper High Level spell casting tables

ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
edited January 2013 in Archive (Feature Requests)
Implement the correct high level spell casting tables for Wizards, Priests, and Bards. Spell Progression stops at 30. (Sorcercers gain 1 more spell per day up to 9th over a wizard except they don't get their first 10th level slot till 22 (which means they max out 3 10th level), since they're able to learn all the 10th level spells, rather then just 2 max)


*Cropped out of the 2nd edition High Level rules Guide

Most of the other High Level rules have been implemented more or less correctly, so give the spell casters their proper progressions. (Bards especially, since they're already horribly gimp'd from a lot of their class perks being left unimplemented with no compensation, as well as further gimping their abilities by not allowing them to place multiple points in two weapon style as all rogues are able to do (If you're lazy, Icewind Dale 1 uses the High Level Bard spell progression chart, so you could just steal it from there and rename it, for a quick fix)

IllustairAntonLoremasteraldain[Deleted User][Deleted User]


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