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Cannot sell my bandit scalp to Officer Vai!?!

VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
edited November 2013 in Fixed
Describe current behavior: Officer Vai doesn't buy anything! I cannot sell her my scalp! (patch 2012, the "last" one)

Describe expected behavior: Officer Vai buy my scalps for 50gb each! (As it was in version 2011 or 2010... anyway, patch 5).

Now what am I suppose to do with my scalps? (And I don't want to sell them for less then 50gb, of course!)

Note1: I did some research and it seems that the script is now STOVAI2.STO that refers to an "Unknown" (39) item... I'll test it I can put it with STOVAI.STO that refers to a misc(0) item...

Note2: And it works! So, I'll write it below clearly!

Describe current behavior: The STO file of Officer Vai "STOVAI2" points to an "Unknown"(39) item...
Describe expected behavior: It should point to a valid item or STOVAI "misc"(0)...

She should only buy scalp but currently, she buys nothing at all!

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