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BGEE current players @Steam

RazorRazor Member Posts: 435
edited October 2013 in Off-Topic
Today, Baldurs Gate Enchanced Edition peaked, for the first time, 1,284 users playing BGEE at the same time!
Note: Its not the same as number of purchases.

Still holding 2º place in the top sales chart the number of players should increase in the next few days! I'll try to keep you informed here.


Best ever:

#2 sales chart

1,603 playing...

10/13 New Max: 2,239



As we all know, Steam version has some limitations:

No cloud support between platforms. (Not sure we have this yet either?)
The updates and patches take longer to be available since Atari handles it.
(If I'am wrong please correct me.)

Hopefuly steam users understand this when they buy and wont fill up Beamdog's support later :D but IMHO the devs should (for now) keep concentrating on the game itself and not on 'fixing" the steam integration.

My intention is not to discuss if steam is good/bad I think more customers are great no matter the store. My intention is only to inform of how well BGEE is doing on Steam.


BG2 EE is available to pre-purchase on Steam!
Does this mean overhaul control over Steam release? I would hope so.


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