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Game of Thrones, Baldur's Gate. Baldur's Gate, Game of Thrones.

mortalitymortality Member Posts: 8
Using characters from Game of Thrones in a multiplayer session of BG:

A) What group would be the most fun to play?
B) What group would be the strongest/most balanced?

The King's Small Council -
Eddard Stark - Cavalier
Pycelle - Cleric
Littlefinger - Bounty Hunter
Varys - Illusionist
Renly Baratheon - Blade
Stannis Baratheon - Inquisitor

The Night's Watch -
Lord Commander Mormont - Cavalier
Benjen Stark - Stalker
Maester Aemon - Cleric
Jon Snow - Undead Killer
Samwell Tarly - Wild Mage
Yoren - Swashbuckler

Anyone else have thoughts?


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